Residual Income

VasTree’s new compensation plan gives you additional options to earn more everyday by helping not only your personal clients but also your team members.

VasTree agents are not on a commission split. VasTree only charge a small fee when you close a transaction. There are no other fees. This is a very fair & financially optimal structure because each fee increment increases minimally based on your transaction sales price. This is also the same commission structure for all VasTree agents throughout different States and all experience levels. Your commission percentage amount is not affected nor determined by the small transaction fee since our fee structure is based on the transaction’s total sales price. Our unique residual income program you gain additional compensation with each and every agent referral and all transactions they close on top of the existing 100% commission you earn already. Our system truly works for you and allows you to provide more service to your clients!

VasTree is confident that you will be happy with us and encourage teamwork through referrals. For each agent that you refer to your VasTree office, you will receive a bonus when the agent completes his or her first transaction and commission payments each time the agent that you referred closes a transaction. You will continue to earn this lifetime bonus on all of their sales transactions. This is our way of saying thank you for taking part in the VasTree vision & supporting other team members. Participation in this program is voluntary, and there are no costs for you to participate. You decide whether you want to use this opportunity to create a part-time income or build a full-time business. This lifetime bonus is unique to VasTree and the best way to quickly boost your income. 

VasTree unbeatable advantages

  1. Fair commission structure to all
  2. No startup fees, desk fees, or monthly fees
  3. Seamless global plan
  4. Excellent growth opportunity
  5. Multiple ways to earn commissions
  6. Web-based management system
  7. Teamwork incentives
  8. Residual income
  9. Unlimited growth potential
  10. No risk, big potential