Find answers to common questions.

1) Why VasTree?

VasTree Real Estate has gained the love and support of many experienced agents not only because of the excellent commission program but also the innovative tools, full marketing service, and 24/7 support offered to our agents. Our team is committed to give you all the resources and guidance you need to transition into the next level of your real estate career fully confident and equipped!

2) How much does it cost to join VasTree?

Absolutely nothing.

3) What is the process to become a VasTree agent?

Simply click on “Join Now”. The enrollment process takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

4) Who can join VasTree?

Real estate agents & brokers! Our real estate professionals should not have restrictions on their license. If you are interested in becoming a real estate licensee, call us for more information.

5) Are there minimum sales volume or requirements?

No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, membership fees, desk fees, floor duty or minimum sales volume. 

6) Can I negotiate my commissions with clients?

Yes, you are free to negotiate your desired sales commissions. 

7) What are your fees?

VasTree transaction fee is $1000 per transaction for sales price up to $400K. Each additional $100K is only $200. Administration fee is $200 and E&O insurance fee is $125* per transaction. For example, on a $30,000 commission for a property sold at $1Million. Office transaction fee is $2,525. Your net commission is $27,475. 

*E&O insurance fee amount per transaction may vary in each independently owned and operated office

8) When do I get paid after an escrow has closed?

Commission checks are issued within 24 hours after your transaction file is reviewed and approved for completion. 

9) When can I begin real estate activities and transactions under VasTree?

After you complete the enrollment process and receive the Welcome Email! This can be done in just a few minutes. 

10) Am I free to use any lender, escrow company or title company for my transactions?

Yes, you are free to select the service providers of your choice. 

11) Do you provide office space?

Yes, our agents are welcome to access and work at any VasTree office. All locations offer professional office facility, equipments, and conference rooms for you to show & meet with your clients.

12) Do I have to come into the office to work or complete a transaction?

No, you may work anywhere and complete transactions easily with our web-based system. 

13) Are you a member of my local real estate association?

VasTree is a member of many real estate associations. After you are enrolled, we’ll send you the membership list for transfer.

14) What is a business opportunity transaction?

Business opportunity transaction is the sale of a business and its equipment without the property or land. For example, sale of a restaurant not including the building. 

15) I’m ready to join! How do I join & list a property for sale right away?

Click on “Join Now” on the homepage and complete the registration form. We will email you the instructions to complete your enrollment and you’ll be all set in just a few minutes!