Pricing Your Home

Strategically pricing a home to sell at its best price and shortest time period is the key to a successful transaction. A well priced home generates competing offers and drives up the final sale value. Our VasTree agents are here to perform that so you can rest assured. Your VasTree agent will help you determine the right price for your home by gathering comparative market analysis, recent sales and active listings in your neighborhood, and advise you on the current market condition.

If a property is priced too high, it may lose potential and serious buyers as they may not want to tour a property that is above market value. An unrealistically priced home decreases its own exposure. The property may be on the market for a longer period of time which loses its appeal. 

Contact a VasTree agent to get a professional value estimate for free. The factors that decide on the price of your home are location, competition, price, and condition. Remember that the market sets the price. Your agent will work with you to devise a plan to put your house in the best light.